2021, Between uncertainty and Hope

Alberto Baghdoyan
2 min readJan 2, 2021

Uncertainty is one of the words that best summarizes the beggining of the year worldwide.

Thanks to vaccines, we have hope to achieve a cure that ends a virus we have been watching on the news for so long, that has made us forget how it was life before we started to take so many precautions for every place we go during the day.

We have been told that 2021 will be the year we say goodbye to the virus, at the same time that we undergo a strong economic growth, as a rebound effect from a crisis that leaves figures like a civil war.

What is clear, is that 2021 won´t be the back to normal year as we knew it before the virus. It is obvious that a massive worldwide vaccination needs years, and even in the western world with enough dose for the whole population, it needs time.

Recently, I heard that the UK was vaccinating at a rate of 10 thousand people a day, which means it is needed more than ten years to cover the whole population.

Presumably, this rate will be slowly increased, but it is better not to be impatient. Not to mention the new strains emerging and the posibility of having to perform modifications on the vaccines, or not… who knows?

All are speculations and it seems that in terms of pandemics, citizens have made an intensive course on epidemiology, feeling that we are able to speak with propriety about the origin of the virus, the reliability of the vaccinations or the veracity of the number of cases of the covid, all these as we were members of the specialists team.

The good thing that I see in all this thing, is that 2020 has left us such a bad outlook, that 2021 can only improve it.

Let´s cross our fingers.



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